Often, due to neglect, abuse or stress related to their situation, rescue dogs are not able to be at their best and in turn are not easily adoptable. Often people cannot see through the issues and see a diamond in the rough just waiting for a chance to shine! Help our rescue dogs shine!

MISSION: Our mission at The Pawsitive Cause Project, Inc is to provide access to high quality free CBD oil for senior and rescue dogs in need.

We are 501(c)(3) (85-1113305). Click here to meet our Board of Directors.

As the founder of Pawsitively Well, I've had the opportunity to talk with many people about their animals and heard so many stories of the unrecognized great deeds of individuals and rescues helping unwanted and neglected dogs.

As a CBD educator and advocate, I know the benefits of CBD and have experienced and witnessed its benefits first hand on many occasions.

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I'm the mom of 2 rescue dogs (Nova & Finn) who bring me and my family so much happiness and humor every day! All of us have greatly benefited from CBD, it has changed our lives in ways that I never imagined. It has greatly reduced Nova's storm, fireworks, and separation anxiety. For Finn, it's helped him chill (and not turn into the angry Mighty Hulk) when getting his nails done, and new situations. It's also done wonders for me, my husband, kids and other family members.

Watching the results of CBD for my family and dogs, an idea started. Wanting to do something to make a difference and combining my love for animals and knowledge and experience with CBD oil, The Pawsitive Cause Project was born.

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Often rescue dogs are faced with physical and psychological damage that takes medical care, time, patience, and lots of love to heal. CBD is a natural option to assist in the process.

CBD is not a miracle cure but helps the body maintain a healthy and balanced system (homeostasis) so that the body can naturally heal and stay healthy.

Just as you would not expect immediate results from taking a single vitamin, CBD oil works in a similar fashion. So although some may experience the desired results quickly others may take longer to "notice" the results.

Please email: "[email protected]" to request an application. We work with individuals, rescues and fosters.

We are a small nonprofit with the mission to help make a difference one dog at a time. Dogs can bring great meaning to our lives, just as we can for our dogs, especially one that we have rescued. Many bear the physical and psychological scars of a bad past. Studies and research have shown that CBD oil has many benefits, which could make the difference in these dogs' lives.

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