My Story With Covid: Months Later

This is my personal story:

In December, right before Christmas, I tested positive for Covid. I know exactly how and where I was infected. My job. It happens. I took every precaution and still got sick. Of course, I gave it to my husband, and he gave it to a few people at his work. Thankfully I did not share with any other family members.

I was sick for several weeks.I had mild respiratory issues, but it wrecked havoc on my stomach. My husband had mild cold-like symptoms for 2 days, then was fine. Neither of us had fevers, December 28th we both were re-tested and our tests were negative.

Fast forward to June. Thankfully, my husband is fine with no lingering effects ... but not so much for me. Granted I have underlying conditions (kidney & blood pressure) but for the life of me I have no idea what is going on. The doctors have yet to come up with anything either.

I'm seeing a gastroenterologist, recently had a colonoscopy and thankfully all came back normal. BUT this means they have yet to figure out what's causing the issues. You know that bloated and full feeling you have after gorging on a Thanksgiving meal. I feel like that every day, I wake up feeling that even though I haven't eaten in hours. Why? No one knows.The doctors have told me that there is little research right now on the affects of Covid and gut health. They have no idea why this is happening but its common to many with long haul issues.

I previously had a stomach of steel! I love all foods especially hot stuff. Those days are long gone. Wings (prepared by me) make me sick. Hot stuff makes me sick. Most everything turns my stomach upside down. I cut out sugar and processed foods years ago. These days its gluten free and bland.  I guess that's ok because Covid really messed up my taste and smell too. II have some taste and smell  somewhat back but not like it was. I smell smoke and diesel a lot even though it's not there. I smell it and no one else does. Anymore when I smell "unnatural" things, I just chalk it up to not being there and say nothing. I also smell things much after the fact.  Just weird but after 6 months its sort of become the norm.

I don't want to make this too long - so in short - nothing much has yet shown up in my test results. I am highly deficient in Vitamin D. My level was 13 and the norm is 30-100. Also oddly, my Glucose is 110 (under 100 is normal). I don't eat sugar, rice, pasta, sweets etc.) My doctor keeps saying cut out these things, and I say, I already have years ago.

My life these days is: fatigue, brain fog, rapid heart rate (for no reason), stomach issues, bloating, sleeping issues, dizziness, pain, shortness of breath and I look like I've aged years in a matter of months. Some days are better than others but every day is a struggle. The doctors have no explanation. I joined a Covid support group and thankfully (and sadly) realize that I'm not alone. MANY people are facing similar issues and no one has any answers.

I'm taking a lot of natural supplements. Recently I started on Vitamin D Supplements, and a detox program for my body and my gut.

I have high hopes that my supplements will help as I wait it out for the doctors to give me something useful. In the meantime I am thankful for the Covid support group that I have found and know that I am not alone in this craziness. So many across the world are experiencing similar issues (and more) and yet the medical profession has no answers.

Why do some f us has long-lasting life-changing consequences from Covid and others don't. Hopefully we will have the answers one day. In the mean time I do the best I can, I work (from home) and rarely leave the house. My husband helps a lot and is supportive. My kids drive me to doctor appointments when I'm to light-headed to drive and I just look forward to the day that I feel like the old me.