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Understanding the labeling on a CBD bottle can sometimes be confusing. The lack of consistency with the marketing of different companies even more confusing. What does all this mean?

Does CBD come in different strengths?
No, 10mg of CBD is 10mg of CBD. Some companies may refer to "strengths" but this is slightly misleading.

A typical bottle of CBD is intended to provide a 30 day supply. For a person taking the recommended serving size of 50mg of CBD a day, a 1500 mg bottle will provide a 30 day supply. If that same person buys a 250mg bottle, it will last 5 days. 50mg is 50mg no matter the size of the bottle.

On the other hand, if you have a dog taking 10mg per day, then a 250 mg bottle might work well, providing a 25 day supply. A 1500mg bottle is also an option and would provide a 150 day supply. Which bottle you buy does not matter, one simply contains more CBD than the other with the only difference coming down to cost. A 250mg bottle will cost $.12 per mg versus the 1500mg bottle costing $.10 per mg.

When determining serving sizes for dogs (in drops) the size of the bottle does matter because there will be variations of mg per ml based on total ml in the bottle.

If you are looking to convert mg to drops, this calculator works well. In short, 250mg of CBD in a 30 ml bottle - 14mg of CBD = 35 drops and 1500mg CBD in a 120ml bottle - 14mg = 23 drops.


Pure Gold (broad spectrum) contains 250mg of CBD in 30ml bottle. $.12 per mg of CBD.


Pure CBD (isolate) contains 500mg of CBD in 60ml bottle. $.11 per mg of CBD.

1500 puregold

Pure Gold (broad spectrum) contains 1500mg of CBD in 120ml bottle. $.10 per mg of CBD.


Pure CBD (isolate) contains 500mg of CBD in 120ml bottle. $.10 per mg of CBD.

So remember, the amount of CBD listed in your bottle does not determine the strength of your CBD nor is it your daily serving. It is simply the total amount of CBD in the bottle. To determine cost per mg, divide the total mg into the cost of your bottle. $29.99 divided by 250mg= .11996 or $.11 per mg.