As founder of The Pawsitive Cause Project, Inc, I have the great opportunity to work with a variety of rescue dogs. I am constantly presented with new situations and blessed with amazing experiences that teach me something new with every dog.

CBD oil is one tool of many that is available as a natural health resource for dogs. Research has found that CBD has many beneficial qualities for all mammals as it works throughout the body's systems to create balance known as homeostasis. Click here to learn more about how CBD works in the body.

A healthy well-balanced body is equipped to face many of the challenges thrown at it through day to day living.


CBD oil may serve as a useful tool when working with an experienced dog trainer.

Often without realizing it, we reinforce our dog's learned behaviors so that they become conditioned responses.

Think about it, your dog is fearful of fireworks or thunderstorms. When a dog acts fearful and you respond with extra attention and attempts at comfort, this is reinforcing the fear and behavior. CBD oil is not going to miraculously make it all go away as much as we'd like a quick fix. However, CBD oil may be a useful tool when used in conjunction with proper training to condition a new (positive) response.

Through its natural properties, CBD provides balance in the body so it can perform at maximum capacity. When a body is performing at maximum capacity, it can do amazing things.

In summary, CBD oil is an incredibly powerful tool when used correctly and in conjunction with training when needed. Results will vary and may occur quickly or over a period of weeks as not all animals respond the same. Some dogs may require a small serving size, while others require a little extra.