Detox For Animals? Supporting Skin and Gut Health With Zeolite

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 Are you looking to support your fur baby's skin and digestive health?

Just like us, our pets are exposed to a variety of toxins every day. Exposure occurs in a variety of ways, some of which are not expected.

How are our pets exposed to toxins?
Indoor Floors
Household cleaners
Flea control
Dog Foods
Dog treats
Dog toys
Salts (de-icing)

Clinoptilolite (zeolite) has been used safely and effectively on pets for years. And it's also fantastic for people! In simplistic terms, it works like a magnet and attracts the heavy metals and toxins so that they can be eliminated from the body. It also works on bug bites.

CBD for your dog

Check out some of the studies below if you are interested in learning more about zeolite, people and animals.

These studies show results of use:
Digestive health/microbiome:

Anti tumor in canine:

Interested to learn more, visit our page: and check out Pure Body and Pure Body Extra.

While a full body of research can be found on the National Institutes of Health website (, several notable research papers are provided for educational purposes.


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